Woohoo! You’re two steps away from visiting Dancing Rabbit! If we think you might be a good enough match for a visitor program, we’ll send you a text message in the next 48 hours to schedule a follow up phone interview.

If the phone number you submitted doesn’t receive text messages please email us right away to let us know, at dancingrabbit@ic.org


“…I want to thank ‘all of you all’ for the most remarkable time of my life so far.  I was awed, dazzled and worn out by the time I left.  My head was floating with so many new ideas.  I appreciate how you have a system to include visitors so efficiently with work, education, singing, swimming, dancing, potlucks, etc.  Each rabbit was gracious, welcoming, and fun.  That’s the kind of community I’d love to be a part of.”

— Becky Rickley, past visitor