How Dancing Rabbit Operates

Dancing Rabbit is a village, our land is owned by a land trust (DRLT) and the sustainability demonstration project in which everyone who lives here participates is run by the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

DRLT and DR Inc. have a board of directors that meets occasionally to make some decisions about the land trust and the nonprofit, but almost all of the governance of the village is done by the membership.

We operate by consensus, with power over specific areas (ex: the website, land use planning and policy) being given to committees with oversight by the whole community and one committee called, appropriately, the Oversight Team.

Living so closely in the village, working together on a huge project–demonstrating sustainable living to the world–that’s so close to our hearts, and sharing resources the way we do, it’s important that we communicate exceptionally well and in a way that leaves us able to carry on happily with our work and our lives. We practice non-violent communication (NVC).