Permaculture Design Course at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Dancing Rabbit is a unique place to learn about permaculture. Earn your certificate and immerse yourself in our ecovillage community that models what you’re learning in class!

Tap into a worldwide movement to live lightly on the planet—wherever you live.

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“Permaculture, what is it? Leaving the earth better than we find it, greening the desert (yes, it is possible!), keyline plowing, hugelculture, rocket stoves, living bridges, worm towers, wood gasification engines, coppicing/pollarding, plant guilds, edible lawns, perennials, 9 layers of a food forest, alley cropping, pest decoy crops, polyculture pastures, thermal flywheels, green building, swales, rain gardens, relationships to the earth & to each other, growing food out of thin air, and much much more! I’ve been reading about permaculture for ten years and wasn’t sure there was much left for me to learn, but I was delightedly proven wrong.”
— Terry, PDC Participant, 2016

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