All Snug in Their Beds, 12/31/12

As we hit the first days of 2013, I'm full of memories from another year jam-packed with construction, friends new and old, meetings, events, celebrations, and so much more. How do we fit it all in? It takes a village. I certainly couldn't manage this much fun and fullness on my own, without a collection of friends to carry some of the load. read more >

Living Sustainably at DR-In Detail: Sustainable Building

You may wonder what it's like to live at DR, and in what ways we are living differently from the rest of America. This series of posts is intended to let you in on some of the practices and technologies we use here to reduce our impact on the planet.  This is my personal story, and although there are people here that live simpler lives than I do, and some that live with more amenities, this should give you some idea of an average person's lifestyle here.  Most of the ways of living I explain you could practice where you live…read more >

Stuff and Nonsense, 12/3/2012

Phew! What a week! Tereza here with all the Dancing Rabbit happenings... Well, maybe not so many, actually, because I spent the entire week utterly absorbed in moving from Bluestem (and sorting and packing and cleaning to get it ready for the person who is renting it this winter) to my new place, so I'm not too sure what else happened... I do remember that one night four separate things were scheduled: two movie showings (fortunately in different locations), orchestra rehearsal, and a bonfire whose attendees thought and talked about how we can better care for our land. So much…read more >