Stuff and Nonsense, 12/3/2012

Phew! What a week! Tereza here with all the Dancing Rabbit happenings... Well, maybe not so many, actually, because I spent the entire week utterly absorbed in moving from Bluestem (and sorting and packing and cleaning to get it ready for the person who is renting it this winter) to my new place, so I'm not too sure what else happened... I do remember that one night four separate things were scheduled: two movie showings (fortunately in different locations), orchestra rehearsal, and a bonfire whose attendees thought and talked about how we can better care for our land. So much…read more >

Dancing Rabbit Correspondence November 5, 2012

Hi all. This is Alline writing for Dancing Rabbit. There is a group of six or so writers who take turns with this column; each person brings his/her own focus and point of view to light. This week it's my turn. I'm sitting here at my desk – the rain is thrumming on the roof and the wood stove is making it warm and cozy inside. By the time you read this the election results will be in. But as I write this, it is election eve – we've all made plans to walk, bike or drive to Rutledge to…read more >

DR Out and About

Education is central to Dancing Rabbit's mission and we are always working to inspire people towards sustainable living and give them the information and tools to really do it. In the next few weeks some rabbits will be giving public presentations while they are out and about. Please come join us if we are in your area and please help us promote these events. And if you are interested in hosting such an event in your area contact our outreach team at outreachdancingrabbitorg . Upcoming Dancing Rabbit speaking events: November 2-4, 2012 – Ann Arbor, Michigan NASCO Institute – Many…read more >