Ten Years Later, 50 People Call Dancing Rabbit Home

Written by Ted Sterling When I first came to Dancing Rabbit as an intern in 2001, there was a poster chart in one of the old double-wide trailer's back hallways showing a more-or-less exponential projected growth rate, with a fairly linear actual growth rate plotted year-by-year beneath it. At our Land Day rituals, I have heard stories about how the original group of six founding members dwindled in the first couple years to as few as three people. Having come to Dancing Rabbit interested in starting my own community but concerned that I might not have what it would take…read more >

Welcome to The March Hare Blog

Welcome to the newly launched March Hare blog! Dancing Rabbit's long-running print newsletter is finally entering the era of blogs. We are sad to discontinue the print version of our beloved newsletter, but we're also excited about the new possibilities of upkeeping a website dedicated to life at Dancing Rabbit with news, stories, how-tos, and more written by the members of our community. Here you can expect the same kind of content about living sustainably, organic gardening, natural building, consensus, etc., that we've been sharing for over 10 years in our print newsletter, plus more. You may have noticed that…read more >

Sustainable Agriculture and Community at Sandhill Farm

Sandhill Farm, home to friends of Dancing Rabbit, is a small neighboring intentional community here in northeastern Missouri. Sandhill has been practicing organic agriculture and gardening since 1974 on 135 acres, and the community provides most of its own food, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, sorghum syrup, honey, chickens, and turkeys. This video gives us a glimpse into how members of the community actually grow their own food, and how this lifestyle is central to community life at Sandhill Farm. Hopefully this is the first of future DRTV: Neighbors videos!read more >

Milkweed Mercantile: Straw bale bed & breakfast – opening soon!

The Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an off-the-grid, straw bale bed & breakfast, organic cafe, and eco general store. Alline gives us a mini tour of the business, which is currently under construction, but opening soon. The Mercantile is currently a finalist for a $10K award at Ideablob.com. Please consider voting for us if you like what we're doing. The winnings will go towards the purchase of a wind turbine if we get enough votes. Simply visit this link and register to vote: Straw bale off-the-grid business opens! Thanks for your support!read more >

‘Life With Thomas’ playing at Hi Mom! Film Festival

Hello dear viewers. Despite what you may think, DRTV is not dead. It's merely on a break, since I have been busy building a cob house the past four months. With all that stomping of mud, little time is left to capture daily life here at Dancing Rabbit. However, there is some exciting and relevant news. Life With Thomas, the fifth DRTV documentary entry, is playing at the Hi Mom! Film Festival in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, North Carolina next week on September 5. Here's the schedule. If any DRTV fans are in the area, I urge you to check it out.…read more >

Rocket Stoves video: superefficient wood-fired heaters

Rocket stoves are superefficient wood-fired stoves that can easily be built using readily available and recycled materials. They are a common sight in cob, straw bale, and other natural building designs. In this video, Nathan and Tony describe two different rocket stove systems, detailing the inner workings of the stoves and their unique ability to store heat much more effectively than traditional wood stoves. Unlike other stoves, rocket stove flues can run horizontoally through cob benches or other cob furniture, effectively storing much more heat that would otherwise be lost. For more information about rocket stoves, visit rocketstoves.com, or check…read more >

Seasonal Living at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Here's a brief look at the seasonal aspects of life at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Daily routines are largely influenced by the current season - winter is a time for relaxing, socializing, indoor projects, spring planning, and most importantly, staying warm. And by the end of winter, members are gearing up and itching for spring with new or continuing building projects and gardening plans. In this video, Alyson describes wintertime maple sap collection, Liat shares her plans to transform a school bus into a house (complete with greenhouse), and Dan talks about seed saving and starting seedlings. This video is also…read more >

Two new DRTV videos in the works

Fear not, loyal DRTV viewers: not one, but two new Dancing Rabbit TV videos are in the works and nearing completion. If it weren't for the frequent gray weather days, they might be ready sooner, but alas, patience is a valuable virtue. In the meantime, keep passing on the previous DRTV episodes to friends and family. The response has been great to this project so far, and all of the positive comments and feedback have been very welcome!read more >