May All Your Weeds Be Edible, 5/16/13

What a fun week we just had at Dancing Rabbit! This is Sam, and a big part of my week has been moving forward with the selection of our first Village Council. Teresa and I are in charge of guiding the group through the process we have agreed to for choosing seven people from among the residents and members of Dancing Rabbit to represent us in decision making. It's a multi-step process involving spreadsheets of characteristics both of individual council members and possible council slates, and spreadsheets reflecting each potential council member and how their peers think they are suited…read more >

Foundation of Bounty, 5/9/13

Even though our Missouri Spring has been delayed by approximately one month, the tide of seasonal change still pushes forth with a fresh stride. With 7 inches of rain this April, we have now officially risen above the status of regional drought, which has weighed heavily on our minds, since so many of us were affected by the lack of water in 2012. As the equilibrium of normalcy over-compensates, it's important that we acknowledge that we have so much to be grateful for, despite pining for sunny 70 degree days that won't plummet into 33 degree nights. Having to endure…read more >

Rabbit Eat Rabbit World – 5/1/13

Howdy rabbiteers! Ben here, churning out some quality, high-fiber journalistic fodder for your informational needs. Currently, our climate requires both shorts and muck boots, as the several inches of rain we have received in recent days haven't completely evaporated in the warm breeze. Signs of an emergent spring abound. Blossoms of peach, pear and cherry dangle in front of my face on my morning sojourns to the common house. (Gotta get that outhouse built!) I occasionally catch a whiff of floral perfume when I'm near Lobelia. I've also been eating better these days. For those of us lacking a greenhouse…read more >

Commitment, 4/15/13

Tax day dawns brighter than expected today... this must be a good omen. The half-inch or more of rain predicted for overnight did not manifest, and the sun has managed to break through once or twice this morning. Ted here to offer the latest from the village. I'm finding it hard to decide whether I want more rain or not these days. When it rains, I don't have to water seedlings, and I don't have to haul water out to the 22 fruit trees I planted in my orchard last week; I can pump water in the kitchen from the…read more >

Upward Mobility, 3/26/13

Howdy, gentle reader. Ben here, boots dripping from the morning's trudge through the coupla' three inches of wintry snow slush that has accumulated since the other night, heralding the arrival of spring. Yes spring is here, and though perhaps not in the air, it is most certainly on my mind, as I have (with the help of some friends) undertaken my first "spring cleaning" task of the season. No, I didn't shower, but I did clear, disassemble and reassemble our mobile home and transfer it to a new location, using only human power. When I say mobile home, what I…read more >

A Ponderous Shift, 3/20/2013

Hello again from Ted here at Dancing Rabbit, where spring is nigh but is only grudgingly letting us know it is coming. Aurelia and I returned from Taos, NM Tuesday after driving out with Sara to help her get established there for a midwifery internship. We were pleased to be able to land there in a group house that felt a lot like home, with a cooperative kitchen and shared facilities in an adobe building that were easy to drop into. That left us free to explore the surroundings a little, including finding and sitting in two different hot springs…read more >