Pandora and Permies: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Pandora and Permies: A Dancing Rabbit Update

We all remember the story of Pandora’s Box. In the mythology of Ancient Greece, Pandora was created as the first woman on Earth, much like Eve. She was given much beauty and abundance in her world, much like Eve. And she also was presented with something that she was commanded not to partake in, an elaborate vessel from Zeus that she had to promise never to open. Nik here, and that story of ‘Dora and the box has been heavy on my mind since the second annual Permaculture Design Course (PDC) just wrapped up at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Before getting…read more >
An Amazing Gift: A Dancing Rabbit Update

An Amazing Gift: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Good day, Rabbit friends! Katherine here, feverishly writing to you with my cup-o-coffee (thank you, local Zimmerman’s grocery store) and adrenaline-filled fingers. I don’t actually know if I “needed” the coffee this morning as I start yet another busy day here in the village and feel like I could get by on my own energetic anticipation. I had been travelling for the past few weeks and have now dropped back into the thick of it with pure style. The meetings, the garden, the paid work; all still here for me to pick back up! My trip out west was wonderful,…read more >
Transitions: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Transitions: A Dancing Rabbit Update

It's often said that there is nothing more consistent than change. Perspectives change as we get older, or encounter new challenges. Seasons change as we plant, garden, and harvest. Society and culture changes as new technologies are developed or made obsolete and as new generations move into leadership roles. These transitions between what came before and the new reality are rarely smooth, often being met with fear, mistrust, and increasing resistance until some critical tipping point is reached, and the world moves on. Cob here, sharing the latest news and transitions from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Our biggest collective event of…read more >

Last Chance to Sign Up!

Last Chance to Sign Up! Our 2nd annual Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is just around the corner, and this is your last chance to register! We have just 9 spots left in this year's PDC at Dancing Rabbit, which we're offering in conjunction with Midwest Permaculture September 17-25. At the end of the 9-day course you will: earn a full Permaculture Design Certificate have tools and experiences you can apply to any human habitat anywhere feel invigorated and inspired, knowing you can contribute to the creation of more sustainable systems Here's what one of last year's students had to say about the course's impact…read more >

Seeking Out the Edges: A Permaculture Perspective

Seeking Out the Edges: A Permaculture Perspective I took a blind leap in 2015, and signed up to take a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. As a long-time gardener, I had been feeling tired and burned out. While I loved eating my home-grown food, the work output was weighing on me. I hoped that the PDC would offer ideas, insight, and just plain inspiration for me to continue growing a large portion of my own food. I didn't realize at the time that Permaculture is about so much more than agricultural ecosystems, so much more than gardening. While…read more >

Birthdays, Done Differently: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Many things are done differently here at Dancing Rabbit, and birthdays are certainly no exception. Christina, here, writing about a pretty amazing week. I turned 42 this week, and I got to experience yet another new aspect of life here in the village. Whenever Rabbits are answering questions from the public—at tours, the annual Open House, visitor sessions—we are always encouraged to remind listeners that we don’t speak for every Rabbit, that our opinion is our own and not necessarily that of everyone else. Well, this is my highly subjective telling of the week’s events. It was my birthday on…read more >

Of Mushrooms & Matriarchs: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Howdy y'all. Ben here, with another brief report of events and happenings here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, in Rutledge, MO. Actually, there aren't a lot of human centered events or happenings here at the moment, which I am totally fine with. Our quaint little ecological community is experiencing a brief lull in population, as a trainload of folks have taken off for Danielle and Hassan's commitment ceremony, out at Hummingbird in New Mexico. While I expect the many folks who've taken the few days away from DR to celebrate the conjoined lives of our friends way out there in the…read more >

Sea of Green Leaves: A Dancing Rabbit Update

The first hints of autumn are in the air this week, with low temps in the 50s and highs in the 70s and steady winds bringing more power... absolutely lovely! But in the context of how our June-stunted peppers and eggplants are only just starting to bear fruit... I feel anxiety about having enough time before cold weather for a good amount of our crop to make it. Such are the tribulations of homesteaders relying as much as they can on the products of their own (and their neighbors') labors. Ted here at Dancing Rabbit with this week's update. The…read more >

Why So Happy?
 A Dancing Rabbit Update

Good day, Rabbit friends! The sun is now hiding behind the clouds giving a much needed respite from the August “heat dome” in Missouri, and the village is still dripping from this early morning’s thunderstorms. Rain always puts me in a good mood—I feel especially appreciative when it means that I don't have to water the garden! Katherine here this week, to give you the goings-on and appreciations from one Happy Rabbit’s perspective. Why am I so gosh-darn happy? Well, here’s only a few of the reasons: As I write this, I am sitting in the Great Room of the Common House eating a…read more >

Returning from the Outside: A Dancing Rabbit Update

We just got back after a three-week visit to see family and friends in New England, so it feels like we’re still playing catch up (especially with the laundry).  It was great to visit the outside world, but I do appreciate all the benefits of living here, some of which I hadn't even realized I missed so much. Christina here, filling you in on what’s been going on this week in my little corner of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. As soon as we parked the rental car and unloaded blankets, banana peels, travel bags, pillows, and one sleeping kid, I ran…read more >