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Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel which runs in any unmodified diesel engine. This fuel is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the higher emission petroleum diesel used in large transport vehicles and some cars and trucks. In addition, biodiesel can be made from renewable resources such as vegetable oil or animal fat and even from used cooking oil, an abundant waste product.

Biodiesel is currently being manufactured at an industrial scale by large companies but can also be made on a small scale with simple technology. We hope to be a clearinghouse for biodiesel information, especially the information, skills and technology necessary for making it on a small scale.

Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO)

Diesel engines can also be run on unmodified vegetable oil, if the oil is heated or mixed with other fuels. Using waste vegetable oil this can be an amazingly inexpensive and ecological alternative fuel.

At Dancing Rabbit we have converted one of our vehicles to run on SVO and hope to share our experiences and knowledge with you as well as provide links to other resources on using SVO.