Plan to Keep Dripping: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Plan to Keep Dripping: A Dancing Rabbit Update

In song circle, we often sing a song that says: “Every time I go into the darkness, I return with fistfuls of jewels.” We sang that song many times on November 8th, along with plenty of other songs about darkness. And we've been singing it a lot since then. Still, it seems like a difficult idea  for many of us to believe right now—that times of darkness will result in something beautiful. Christina here, writing from cold, cloudy NEMO. Dark times are upon us, literally and figuratively, but there are ways to bring the light. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about…read more >
Winding Down the Season: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Winding Down the Season: A Dancing Rabbit Update

The last tours took place on Sunday, and the last visitors left on Monday. At Dancing Rabbit, it’s a season of winding down, but not one of giving up. Christina here, bringing news of good questions, swapped clothes, tomato sauce, and new possibilities. One of my favorite parts of the visitor sessions is answering questions. Yes, I like to feel useful and help people get the information that they need, but I really love questions that help me clarify my own views on tricky topics. At last week’s visitor Q and A, there were two questions that stuck with me. One, about areas…read more >

Birthdays, Done Differently: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Many things are done differently here at Dancing Rabbit, and birthdays are certainly no exception. Christina, here, writing about a pretty amazing week. I turned 42 this week, and I got to experience yet another new aspect of life here in the village. Whenever Rabbits are answering questions from the public—at tours, the annual Open House, visitor sessions—we are always encouraged to remind listeners that we don’t speak for every Rabbit, that our opinion is our own and not necessarily that of everyone else. Well, this is my highly subjective telling of the week’s events. It was my birthday on…read more >

Returning from the Outside: A Dancing Rabbit Update

We just got back after a three-week visit to see family and friends in New England, so it feels like we’re still playing catch up (especially with the laundry).  It was great to visit the outside world, but I do appreciate all the benefits of living here, some of which I hadn't even realized I missed so much. Christina here, filling you in on what’s been going on this week in my little corner of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. As soon as we parked the rental car and unloaded blankets, banana peels, travel bags, pillows, and one sleeping kid, I ran…read more >

Benefits and Compromises
: A Dancing Rabbit Update

It is hot outside. The pond feels like a bathtub, the sun is hazy, the tomatoes are wilting, and I have spotted Thomas on more than one occasion lying on the Common House floor to cool off. Did I mention that I am from New England? Did I mention that I am terrified of the heat? Did you know that it will be in the 90s for days straight this week? Christina here, writing news of what’s been going on recently at Dancing Rabbit, while sitting in a dark room in front of a fan and drinking green tea over ice.…read more >

The Green, the Magical, and the Pig: A Dancing Rabbit Update

It has been a rainy week here in northeast Missouri, with some crazy thunderstorms and a tornado warning on Wednesday, but it wasn’t enough to dampen the singing or the weeding or the outreach-ing. It takes some pretty rough weather to keep us inside. Christina here, new resident of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, bringing you news of the green, the magical, and the pig. Over the weekend, Dan, Javi, and Tereza went to St. Louis for the Earth Day Festival, where they staffed our booth, talking to people about Dancing Rabbit. People were interested in learning about life at an ecovillage.…read more >