Our Weather

For one thing, it’s a lot easier to describe the climate than the weather, since the latter can change on an hourly basis.

Rainbow Over Dancing Rabbit
In any case, we’ve got a great four-season climate. In the winter, we ice skate on the pond and get enough snow to go cross-country skiing. As things turn warmer we tap our maple trees and make maple syrup. Then spring arrives and all is green and warm, though springs can also be wet and muddy. Although summers can be dry, we generally have enough rain to keep spring’s garden alive with only minimal watering. Sometimes the summer storms also bring us a rainbow or two.

Humidity and mosquitoes can take their toll, but the long sultry evenings and gorgeous sunsets over the hills make it all worth it (not to mention a dip in the pond). A crisp fall welcomes in apple picking and the sorghum harvest at Sandhill. Finally, the leaves drop off the trees and it’s winter again.

You can get just about any kind of weather in Missouri—blistering hot summer days and frigid winter ones. On the other hand, it never stays at either extreme very long.

Check out this week’s forecast for Rutledge!