Our Land

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is located on 280 acres of beautiful Missouri rolling hills, purchased by our land trust in 1997.

Our land includes six ponds and a small creek that runs much of the year. We have 40 acres in woodland plus 30 acres where we have planted over 12,000 trees as part of our restoration efforts. We’ve also established about 20 acres of native prairie grasses and are working to reintroduce other native grassland species. Our savanna ecosystem (a combination of trees and grasslands) means we’ve got a diversity of ecological niches for a diversity of species.

Dancing Rabbit Land

Dancing Rabbit’s 280 acres

One hundred and sixty acres of our land is enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program, a federal contract that pays us yearly to perform erosion-control measures, plant trees, and encourage wildlife conservation. These lands haven’t been farmed since 1987, so the soil is regaining the health it lost during years of over-farming.

Most of our land is set aside for wildlife and natural habitat restoration. At least 50 acres is set aside for food production including areas for grazing, crops, orchards, and gardens.

Our village is located in the southeast corner of our land and currently takes up about 10-15 acres including buildings, gardens, and other landscaping. Our goal is to keep the footprint of our village small to leave as much land available for food production and wildlife habitat as possible.


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